Shaun Neff, CEO of Neff, goes Off Air. He talks about the power of a brand and how brands affected him at the young age of 12. He talks about how starting young without much experience was actually one of his biggest strengths – that belief and dream as well as naiveness was a blessing.


NEFF and DJ MATTY MO once again joined forces for the 3rd annual NEFF Halloween Party in Salt Lake City at Club Elevate. DJ MATTY MO along side DJ DIZZ and ATL from the Smoke Siignals Crew provided the soundtrack to yet another packed house. This years crowd showed up ready to party and dressed to kill.. Literally! This event, being the cities first major Halloween party proved that once again the folks in Utah know how to party! Check to gallery posted below to find all of your favorite pro snow shredders that call SLC home. Big shout out to Scotty Arnold for being the soul stealer at this years event: (all photos by Scotty Arnold)






The summer X Games were in full effect this weekend in Austin. Our friends from Disney Style were there to help celebrate the new Disney collection by Neff! The highly successful collaboration gets a face lift this summer with all new apparel and accessories.

Among the Skateboarding Big Air and Moto X Freestyle competitions were incredible art installations, interactive booths, and tons of free giveaways. But Mickey Mouse made one of the biggest impacts at the festival, and the fans absolutely loved it (who wouldn’t?)! We created a Mickey Art House filled with products from the new Disney collection, and also had a DJ spinning beats with breakdancers. The Mickey Art House was held up by Mickey graphic-painted walls that served as the perfect photo-op for guests.



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Neff headwear company launched in 2002, initially selling accessories for snowboarders and skateboarders—think beanies, sweatbands and hats. Now at 14, and with a broader selection of accessories, the company has established solid street cred after being sported by some of the hippest millennial celebs—Kate Upton, Wiz Khalifa, Scarlett Johansson and Lil Wayne, to name a few. Neff is based in Camarillo, Calif., in an office they’ve dubbed the “USS Neff” that is full of inspiration, artwork and a Ping-Pong table. “When we bought the building, we wanted to completely transform it to be very open,” said founder and CEO Shaun Neff. “We built it with all glass to encourage community and give employees a place where they could easily work together. Overall we wanted an office vibe that says this is a dope brand that creates dope ideas.” Read the rest here.



March 12-17 2016, Neff teamed up with Horizon to throw Europe’s GREATEST ski party at the Bansko Ski Resort in Bulgaria.

The festival people describe as “One of the most unique musical experiences Europe has to offer”, included performances from 120 international DJs, 75 KM of fresh pow, 30 different parties, the Horizon Snowlympics, and much much more! HORIZON FESTIVAL BULGARIA (1).001







Shaun Neff – Beanie Empire


“The name isn’t even my last name anymore.”

Shaun Neff gave up his name 14 years ago when he walked into a dollar store, picked up a Sharpie, scrawled his name across a headband and handed it to his buddy to wear on national television.

At 22 years old, Shaun famously launched his moniker headwear line, known as Neff Headwear, by finding a loophole in the clothing contracts of his professional athlete friends.

Basically, I said, ‘Hey, can you guys rock my t-shirt? You’re gonna do this photoshoot, you’re gonna go do this contest,’ and every time it was like, ‘No, I have a clothing contract with Burton,’ or these big apparel guys. I had never seen a contract. So I took two home and read through those contracts and the light went off like, ‘Wow, there’s nothing about headwear.’


A few days after handing a Neff headband out, Shaun says, he saw another kid wearing his gear as he walked down the street.

I followed him for like two minutes.

For Shaun, there was never a choice about what he would do with his life.

I think I just had this dream and well, it felt so real to me, I was just like, ‘OK, I made up my mind.’ I made this decision, and I felt so good about it.

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Forbes – Launch of NeffWear with Kevin Durant and Shaun Neff

NBA superstar, business mogul, fashion icon – when all is said and done, Kevin Durant hopes that his name becomes synonymous with all these titles.

There is little question that during his nine years in the league, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant has established himself as one of the NBA’s most recognizable brands, both on and off the hardwood. Among the most talented players of his generation, Durant has parlayed his basketball prowess, charm and cultural aptitude to connect with millennials in a way that is rivaled only by fellow superstar Lebron James. With more than 12.8 million followers on Twitter, and 6.8 million on Instagram, Durant’s ability to reach the masses via social media ranks among the highest in the world when it comes to celebrities, athletes and other influencers.


Not surprisingly, Durant has combined his massive reach with a monetization strategy that has elevated him to one of the highest earning athletes in the world. A newly formed partnership with media mogul turned sports agent Jay Z and his firm RocNation have helped drive more than $35 million a year into his pockets from a slew of endorsement deals and business projects. While the majority of that money comes from his lucrative 10 year, $285 million deal with Nike NKE +0.00%, Durant has positioned himself to make an even greater windfall from a number of other endeavors that include both cash guarantees and equity partnerships.

Chief among these is Durant’s new venture with Neff, a Camarillo, California based company that brands itself upon snowboarding, skating, surfing and lifestyle products. Part of the partnership includes the launch of Durant’s own line of signature men’s underwear, the first of what is expected to be a series of apparel and lifestyle products that reflects Durant’s own personalized designs, combined with Neff’s focus on youth culture.

According to Durant, “I had a lot of input in the design. Shaun [Neff] didn’t put a limit on me and it was great working with them. He was somebody that started a brand and definitely has more experience than me but never once treated me as I was lower than him or less intelligent when we collaborated. He was easy to work with and it was an incredibly fun process. Because we can all relate to this space as men, I felt that it was something different to do and we both were jumping to it at the same time.”

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