The harshest internet critics call him a “hipster.” No one calls him a bad surfer.

But if anything, this 30-year-old Tasmanian has set the trends, rather than follow them. In fact, over the past decade and some change, it could be argued that no one has better maximized a late start in the sport than Dion Agius. That no one appreciates their time and place in the surf history more than Dion Agius. That no one respects and executes and redefines all the photogenic responsibilities that come with being a professional freesurfer (an action sports model, really) – quite like Dion Agius. Read the rest on Surfline.


We told you before about Dion Agius and his new grip company. A lot of the top free surfers are using front foot traction pads these days. Makes you wonder if there’s something to it. I’m thinking the second I put one on my board I’m going to be able to land 8 foot air reverses and go straight into a club sandwich. Or not… but hey at least I’ll look cool.

Scorched featuring Kolohe Andino

It’s not every day you see three of the world’s best surfers team up for a web clip like this one. Kolohe clearly fits in well with his free surfing counterparts, Dane Reynolds and Noa Deane. It makes you wonder what these three talk about when they’ve had a long day of perfect surf and a few beers. Maybe Kolohe talks about quitting the tour or Dane talks about joining – unlikely – after this I think the WSL can stop speculating about Dane rejoining their ranks. No matter what is said when the cameras are off, we really like this edit.

Ninja Road Trip!

We took a few of our groms on a road trip to Lower Trestles. We roasted some marshmallows, ate some great food, had some good laughs and more importantly – did some surfing with the Ninjas. Check out the edit!


If there was ever an edit that encompassed the slogan Forever Fun, this is it!  Tim Humphreys gives us a look into what he’s been up to this summer.


Neff team rider, Jordy Smith, has been out of the game for a while since he tore his meniscus. Now that he’s lying low and recovering, we’ve been feening for some footage of Jordy shredding. Here’s some unused footage of Jordy knifing and gauging around Africa two years ago.

Get better soon Jordy!!!



Come join us in Huntington Beach, CA on June 20th!  Neff will be hosting a free-to-enter surf competition with tons of prizes!  Contest will be held at the Golden West from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  Sign-up’s begin at 7 a.m.

Little Show: Ages 10-13 (48 spots available, on first come first serve basis)

Big Show: Ages 14-17 (48 spots available, on first come first serve basis)

Winner of each division will win a 1 year Neff Ninja contract.  Cash prize for first place finish in each division: Little Show $200.  Big Show $300.  Games, prizes, music, food and good times!  A big thanks to Jack’s Surf Shop, Famous Surf, Ello Gum, Sun Bum, and Scosche for partnering with us for this rad contest.

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