Jordy has been sitting on some pretty insane clips just waiting for the moment to push out his newest edit, Just Now. Some mind bending surfing from Namibia, France, J-bay, and the North Shore. If you like power hacks, airs, and killer scenery then give it a go. The best 15 minutes you will spend all day.


“It feels like it’s been ten years in the making, but really it’s just the last two or three. It’s funny because when we’re working on film projects but 90 percent of that footage never sees the light of day. The idea with The Smiling Bag was to take all this unused footage and make something interesting out of it. At first, I was just going to make an edit to give to my friends that were on these trips, just for the memories, but then I just kept working on it and it kind of became a bigger thing.

I’ve loved editing since I was a kid and this felt like I was relearning that whole process. It’s been really fun experimenting and having that creative outlet while I’ve been on the road the last year.

So far you could only see it by coming to one of the premieres, but its available now just by emailing me, and then I’ll send you a download link to the movie or a USB drive with a zine, a poster, some shoelaces and some stickers. So you’ll get a nice little package that will be this fun thing you’ll hopefully want to keep. I really wanted to try and give the movie a little bit more physicality as opposed to just throwing something up on the web, where people generally only have about a two-minute attention span, this fucker is pretty long.

Hopefully it will feels something more substantial than just blasting it out to be embedded everywhere, not that theres anything wrong with that i just feel like I’ve been doing that for ten years and i need a change.

Emailing back and forth with people who have reached out and want to check out the movie and hearing all their stories, has probably been the most rewarding part. I’ve probably had close to a thousand emails so far.

Same goes for the premieres; I started showing the movie in Europe, stopping in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Hossegor San Sebastien trying to connect with these little surf communities that don’t normally get a lot of surf premieres. Just meeting all these people from different surf cultures has been the coolest thing ever, so many awesome people. That’s so much more rewarding than getting 50,000 views on Vimeo or something. But if someone couldn’t make it to any of the premiers, I’m happy to send them the film. I’m not trying to make it some exclusive thing. Just email me and I’ll be stoked to send it out.

I think I’ll include some viewing guidelines in the package, just to remind people that this stuff is way more fun when you immerse yourself in it, turn the lights off, put it on the biggest screen you can, get your friends over, have some beers and turn the volume up super fucking loud. It’s easy to forget to try and immerse yourself sometimes when you’re used to watching everything on your phone or your laptop.

The Smiling Bag was kind of pieced together from a bunch of clips that were already there, so there’s only so much you can do with the direction, but next time I’d want to really spend some time and workshop an idea and do it properly. I would love to work on another project and go a bit more experimental and freeform.

It’s nothing too serious and i just hope everyone enjoys it and it helps get them psyched to go surfing and have fun.” – DION


The big man vs Japan, he’s basically ‘Godzilla!’ You’ve probably heard by now that surfing will be in the next summer Olympics in Japan. Jordy gets a taste for the waves and hangs with the locals.


Kay, let’s count ’em off, shall we? Frontside full-rotation, check; f/s alley-oop, check; f/s stalefish reverse, check; f/s inverted double-grab reverse, check. And that’s just the aerials. That’s not even counting his incredibly explosive turns and uncanny barrel jive. Spoiler alert: that nuts ride from North Point earlier this year — that’s in here, too. Why wouldn’t it be?

Our favorite South African is at it again with some clips from all over the globe. Don’t miss his most recent edit, PLAY.
Footage and Edit by Nick Green


2015 wasn’t the best year for Jordy Smith. After watching some of his free surf clips everyone was thinking, could this be his year? That barrel to alley oop combo! He was looking better and stronger than ever. Unfortunately a series of injuries plagued him throughout the year – a blown out heel, tweaked knee and messed up back.

Well folks, he’s back with a vengeance and we are thinking this could be the year. Check out his 2015 year in review and his comeback on the WSL site.



We had just finished dinner with Tasmanian charger Benn Richardson at his house in Clifton, overlooking the placid, moonlit waters of Pipe Clay Lagoon. It was getting late, but Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, and Noa Deane were wide awake in the living room, throwing back beers in a vain attempt to calm their nerves.

“You boys will do fine at Shippies,” said Richardson. “It’s not as crazy as you think it is.”

“Yeah f–king right!” Agius laughed. “You’re really trying to sell us on this one.”

We had been driving around the island for days, chasing our tails in a search for surf. Now the best swell of the trip was less than 12 hours away, and we had a serious decision to make. We could wake up at our leisure and drive five minutes down the road to a spot called Wedge, where we could expect to find head-high A-frame barrels and playful ramps. Or we could wake up at 4:30 a.m., travel two and a half hours by car and boat to Shipstern Bluff, and spend the morning pulling into deadly caverns.


It was a choice between two incomparable things, like deciding whether you’d rather go play with a litter of Dalmatian puppies in the park or go toe-to-toe with Sasquatch in the Thunderdome.

I suggested that we watch some clips of Shipstern online before making any rash decisions. The first YouTube video that came up in our search was titled “Biggest Shipstern EVER!” and was filled with terrible carnage: Waves the size of two-story houses, barrels with multiple steps in the face, and surfers being violently thrown around like crash-test dummies.

“Well, this was a great idea,” Agius said after a particularly mutant wave came on screen. “This is so heavy…”

Read the rest and watch the video at


In the most recent NSSA, Southwest Open on the South side of the Huntington Beach Pier Kalohe Danbara threw down one of the best waves of her career. She won her first heat dropping and 8.0 and eventually placed 4th in the final. Check out the photos from here 8.0 ride. Keep it up Kalohe!



If this is any preview of what Mr Smith will do to Snapper, start placing your bets. After a long-injury-felt season, Jordy’s finally feeling 100 percent. When the Pipe Masters kicked off, we saw a reminder of how proper the man’s rail work is. Remember that Backdoor tunnel to layback jam? It was nominated for maneuver of the year by the WSL awards. While on the North Shore we went for a wiggle at Rocky Point with him, between turns that made out cheeks hurt, he blasted an air easily six feet above the lip at 30 mph. He safely bailed just before landing in the flats in about three feet of water over reef. He told us he would’ve landed it, but he just got back from injury, no need to go down that road again. Here we get him in Durban and Mozambique, cut to War on Drugs and looking sprightly as ever. Jordy’s fully invested in the tour this year. He’s been working on surfing towards points; contest style, rather than ankle ruining punts. Expect to see him displacing a lot of water, linking turns and jamming down the line at The Quiky Pro. When the big man’s on he’s easily a top five surfer.