X Games Was Lit!

We attended X Games this past weekend in Minneapolis, MN. To say we had fun would be an understatement. Corey Duffel was spinning records, Foundation skateboards premiered their film “Oddity” and Rodent shared his favorite photos from the film. Take a peek inside at the mayhem.


DIYX stands for Do It Yourself Xtreme … DIYX was the first ever event Ethan’s organized. It was held at the KPark in Kühtai, Austria.

“The concept was pretty much just a whole crew going to the closed down pipe and just build in the pipe whatever we wanted to. The next day we all rode it. These were two intense days, really fun, good times and lots of beers with all the boys. And that’s what DIYX is all about. Thank you Monster Energy and Northwave for supporting this event! Stay tuned for next year!” – Ethan


Jordy has been sitting on some pretty insane clips just waiting for the moment to push out his newest edit, Just Now. Some mind bending surfing from Namibia, France, J-bay, and the North Shore. If you like power hacks, airs, and killer scenery then give it a go. The best 15 minutes you will spend all day.


The Neff crew headed to Tahoe for a weekend of fun. Tim, the selfie master, took his GoPro along to document the journey. Some snowball fights, a few flips, spins and laughs. Check it.


Episode IV brings our travels to the forbidden land Murca on Ethan Morgan’s Intergalactic quest.

This masterpiece filmed and edited by the one and only master Marco Morandi, it was. On this journey, the young rebel fleet of Flo Corzelius, Max Zebe and Ethan Morgan fly with the Millennium Neffcon through the western Cali district to reach the bases of Neffland at Boreal, the Great Mammoth Mountain, Mt. High and the Bear Mountain. There, they convince the civilians that the new imperator is evil, so they all go on a giant protest against him forcing him to open the giant anti-immigrant forcefield, for now…


Enjoy some Aspen chilling with team rider Brandon Davis and his buddies Kyle Mack and Brock Crouch. The Mayhem crew makes their way through the X Games slopestyle course and Big Air competition! Filmed by Drew Hastings and SNOWBOARDER intern Spencer Whiting!


Episode III of the Intergalactic snowventures of Ethan Morgan and his return to the Austrian glaciers.

Filmed and edited by the master Morandi, it was. Commander Morgan and master Morandi seek for revenge on the dark side of the Austrian glaciers by attacking them at the base of the Primestar with no success. So they assemble an army of young Rebels including Max Zebe, Sebbe De Buck, Raffael Kossman, Christoph Schwarz, Simon Pircher, Halldor Helgason, Zoltan Strcula and Flo Corzelius. They run through the Stubai forrests’ and attack the Primestar with missiles and bombs at night and refuse to train during the day. All national teams had been injured and couldn’t go on with training since the missiles smoked up into disasterous clouds, so the training had to be stopped. The Primestar has been destroyed and Jedi commander Morgan could continue his journey through the Galaxy to despair freedom to the light side of the force.

Armor and artillery was supported by Monster Energy, Planet Sports, Bataleon Snowboards, Neff Outerwear and Switchback Bindings to fight this war of dispair.


“It feels like it’s been ten years in the making, but really it’s just the last two or three. It’s funny because when we’re working on film projects but 90 percent of that footage never sees the light of day. The idea with The Smiling Bag was to take all this unused footage and make something interesting out of it. At first, I was just going to make an edit to give to my friends that were on these trips, just for the memories, but then I just kept working on it and it kind of became a bigger thing.

I’ve loved editing since I was a kid and this felt like I was relearning that whole process. It’s been really fun experimenting and having that creative outlet while I’ve been on the road the last year.

So far you could only see it by coming to one of the premieres, but its available now just by emailing me, and then I’ll send you a download link to the movie or a USB drive with a zine, a poster, some shoelaces and some stickers. So you’ll get a nice little package that will be this fun thing you’ll hopefully want to keep. I really wanted to try and give the movie a little bit more physicality as opposed to just throwing something up on the web, where people generally only have about a two-minute attention span, this fucker is pretty long.

Hopefully it will feels something more substantial than just blasting it out to be embedded everywhere, not that theres anything wrong with that i just feel like I’ve been doing that for ten years and i need a change.

Emailing back and forth with people who have reached out and want to check out the movie and hearing all their stories, has probably been the most rewarding part. I’ve probably had close to a thousand emails so far.

Same goes for the premieres; I started showing the movie in Europe, stopping in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Hossegor San Sebastien trying to connect with these little surf communities that don’t normally get a lot of surf premieres. Just meeting all these people from different surf cultures has been the coolest thing ever, so many awesome people. That’s so much more rewarding than getting 50,000 views on Vimeo or something. But if someone couldn’t make it to any of the premiers, I’m happy to send them the film. I’m not trying to make it some exclusive thing. Just email me and I’ll be stoked to send it out.

I think I’ll include some viewing guidelines in the package, just to remind people that this stuff is way more fun when you immerse yourself in it, turn the lights off, put it on the biggest screen you can, get your friends over, have some beers and turn the volume up super fucking loud. It’s easy to forget to try and immerse yourself sometimes when you’re used to watching everything on your phone or your laptop.

The Smiling Bag was kind of pieced together from a bunch of clips that were already there, so there’s only so much you can do with the direction, but next time I’d want to really spend some time and workshop an idea and do it properly. I would love to work on another project and go a bit more experimental and freeform.

It’s nothing too serious and i just hope everyone enjoys it and it helps get them psyched to go surfing and have fun.” – DION


After a tough battle with five other heavy contenders, Scotty Lago came away with the Real Snow Backcountry 2016 Fan Favorite title. Watch the full behind-the-scenes segment from ABC’s “World of X Games: Real Snow” broadcast on the making of his video.20160108_lago_0061