A Short Film presented by Neff.

Winter 2016 in the Sierras was one for the books. After a few years of low tide mother nature came through for the Neff crew. Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys and Dylan Thompson head up chapter 2 of the Neff Short Snowboard Film with plenty of Pow and backcountry kickers. Look for the full film in December…


Shaun Neff, CEO of Neff, goes Off Air. He talks about the power of a brand and how brands affected him at the young age of 12. He talks about how starting young without much experience was actually one of his biggest strengths – that belief and dream as well as naiveness was a blessing.


Last winter Sage Kotsenburg and Halldor Helgason got together to make a snowboard movie that would not only push the level of each others riding but also showcase snowboarding in a way they both believe in. You’ll see everything from technical tricks to some of the most creative features to date and all while having as much fun as possible!


Neff is proud to present our first ever snow movie, PLAY. Here’s the first taste of the full movie dropping December 2016!

Part 1, The San Juan Sessions was a week long trip to Durango Colorado with Scotty, Tim and Greg. Bubbas Boards (the local shop) lent the crew his house and shared some of the local stashes as the area had one of the best snow weeks ever recorded. The team built jumps on Red Mtn Pass, rode pow with San Juan Untracked Cat Operation and earned their turns at Silverton Mtn with the legend Chris Coulter as the guide.

Play is a snowboarding short film featuring riding from Neff athletes: Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson, Greg Bretz, Halldor Helgason, Ethan Morgan and more. The crew had a successful winter around Lake Tahoe, Southwest Colorado along with some of the crew holding it down over in Europe. Wojtek Targosz captured some of the best shots from the winter and compiled into this short film.

“My favorite part about snowboarding is going where i haven’t been before. The curiosity of what lies behind that next ridgeline. I’ve been to Colorado a lot in the past, but this was my first time going to the Silverton area. I couldn’t have been with a better crew, Aaron Dodds, Cope, Wojtek, Lago, and Greg Bretz. How often do you and your friends get to snowmobile out to a backcountry cabin and ride powder all day?” – Tim Humphreys

Stay tuned for a few more teasers in the coming months.