Southern Colorado Shred Trip with the Neff Crew
On a recent trip to Silverton, Colorado, we ran into snowboard photographer extraordinaire, Aaron Dodds, at the register of the town’s market. Geared up with coffee in hand, Dodd’s let us know he was bunkered down in the San Juans with heavy crew of Neff athletes on a trip they had been hoping to make happen for years.

For ten days, the crew brapped around, built jumps, slayed pow, and sampled the fine fruits of Southern Colorado shred. Journey through their adventure by clicking through the gallery above, and read on for Dodd’s account of all that unraveled on their San Juan tour.


Words/Photos: Aaron Dodds

Talk of a trip to the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado with Scotty Lago had been out there for years now, and it just never seemed to pan out. The snow wasn’t that good the last two years, and scheduling conflicts seemed to rise up and trump our plans over and over again. With a strong El Niño in full swing, the stars aligned and our trip became a reality early January of 2016.

Our trip started at Bubbas Boards, located at Needles, or Purgatory, about 25 miles north of Durango and 25 miles south of Silverton, Colorado. If you are ever in the area, stop by and say…read the rest here.


We told you before about Dion Agius and his new grip company. A lot of the top free surfers are using front foot traction pads these days. Makes you wonder if there’s something to it. I’m thinking the second I put one on my board I’m going to be able to land 8 foot air reverses and go straight into a club sandwich. Or not… but hey at least I’ll look cool.


This may be the biggest drop we’ve ever seen. One heavy crash and a torn MCL at this spot had Jaws out for months. You can imagine the nerves going back to this spot, then fighting security and having your wheel blow off the bearing – all while attempting something not even a superhuman like Jaws should be able to do. You absolutely have to watch.

Brandon Davis & Friends: GoPro Handoff

One run at epicenter of the epic long lap, Mammoth Mountain with Brandon Davis, Grey McCalla and Spencer Whiting. In Legends of the Fall Line: Episode 2, these three advantageous shredders drop in at the top of chair 16 and careen down South Park, through Wonderland Park head toward the minipipe on the way to the Canyons baselodge. The trails of Mammoth are littered with gaps, tranny and side hits and Brandon, Grey, and Spencer are adept at finding the fun lines. Enjoy. Filmed by Spencer and Brandon and edited by Greg Weaver.