Long time rider and friend of Neff, Jonel Fricke, shows us his snowboarding skills in his most recent video.  The German shredder now lives in Austria and takes advantage of his awesome surroundings.  He lives in Innsbruck, Austria which is known as the snowboard capital of the Alps and this video will show you why!

Jonel Fricke Epicrat 2014 Part from Epicrats on Vimeo.


When Neff team rider Aaron “Jaws” Homoki puts out a part he does not mess around.  10 foot rail from your roof to the backyard with hanging plants?  Ollies over the top of a house into the driveway?  Wall rides that look more suited to snowboarding than a skateboard?  This edit is nuts.


We are taking fun to a new level with our second Neffland park in Tahoe! Watch this group of shredders as they skim over barrels, launch over swords, and grind on cannons in our pirate themed park. Even though we didn’t get as much snow as last year, these guys still ride as if it was the best snow year yet.  See for yourself in this video starring Tim HumphreysDylan Thompson, and friends as they shred in our first ever episode of Neff in the Parks.

Stay tuned for our next Neffland park in Killington, Vermont!


What happens when you get Romero, Raybourn, Merlino, Jaws, Servold, Silas, Moose, Bennett and Derrick Wilson together? This. This is what happens.


“We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume” said by the creator of Neff, Shaun Neff.  At Neff, we create apparel that stands out from the crowd and allow you to express who you are.  Neff is all about being you and true to yourself.  The way we see it is that there’s no reason to grow up if you don’t want to. You’re young and you’re bright, so why not express yourself however and whenever you want.  Our message “Forever Fun” means to stand out from the crowd.

Show us how you’re forever fun

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We teamed up with Chris Fronzak, the front man of the metalcore band Attila.  If you are the slightest bit familiar with Fronz, you know that he speaks his mind not only with his words, but also with his style. Knowing that Fronz would have some bold ideas, we handed the reigns over and let him do all the designing. The collaboration lead to the launch of the Alien Bucket as well as a beanie with his famous anchor logo from his clothing line, Stay Sick Threads.  His band has played shows all over the world, and released their newest song this past November. Attila recently launched their fifth studio album, Guilty Pleasure, in November 2014.  Catch him wearing his Neff gear on tour now!

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