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We’re taking over for the week with the Neff Surf Team.  Head over to their site to check out the feature.  One new video will launch each day of this week featuring Jordy, Kolohe, Dion, Evan, and Noah.

Neff is supported by some of the globe’s biggest action sports athletes and key personalities in music and sports. We’re all about having fun and bringing new vibes to the world.

“We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume,” said Shaun Neff. We are not confined to one specific category; we are defined by reaching across multiple platforms like sports, fashion and entertainment.



At a design showroom in midtown Manhattan, Shaun Neff is browsing racks of panama hats, fedoras and flower crowns — the latter of which he calls last summer’s hottest accessory for tween girls across America.

“We’re really trying to nail what that next trend is gonna be,” the headwear entrepreneur says. “Is it gonna go more bohemian? Tribal? Feathers?”

An assistant has pulled some options: a hair clip strung with suede cords and peacock plume; a gold-leaf Grecian headpiece; electronic extensions that can change their wearers’ hair color. “That one’s kinda dope,” Neff says in his surfer-dude drawl, inspecting the feather barrette.

Pinpointing trends is a talent for which Neff, 35, seems to have an uncommon knack. After all, his eponymous company — which he founded in college selling T-shirts out of a backpack — has grown into one of the hottest lifestyle brands on the youth market, having grossed well over $100 million in sales to date.

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Huge congratulations to Micky Clarke for winning the Culmination Project Challenge! Neff teamed up with The Culmination Project to help sponsor the online surf video challenge. Contestants submitted their best edit for a chance to be featured on and to win a huge prize pack with some rad Neff gear included.

The Culmination Project was created to provide some of the most elite surfers and snowboarders around the world the opportunity to have their own website within a community of “friends supporting friends”. The website provides these athletes with a space to showcase their news, current events, career highlights, contest results, photos and videos, Instagram feeds, etc, as well as a space for you to check out your favorite surfers and snowboarders all in one place!

Watch Micky Clarke’s video and some of our favorite entries at


Who did you have the best session with this year?

I had a lot of great sessions this year, but I think my favorite was when I hiked out in Carson Pass with Abe Blair, Wojtek, BJ Linne, and Benny Wynn.  The snow was pretty bad, but we built this huge jump, I got a dope photo, but the light wasn’t the best for filming.  We built another jump too where I ended up getting hurt and not riding for a week after.  What made the session awesome was that Benny hollowed out a tunnel under the snow, and wojtek filmed him diving into the snow head first and completely disappearing.  Watching it was the funniest thing I had seen in a while.  The shot is in the new 2014 GrowUp Productions movie that comes out… sometime soon hopefully!

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

I’d have to say that switch backside 10 was a tough one, or the double rodeo 10 nosegrab at superpark.  That double rodeo works like.. 1 out of every 10 tries, and I need a huge jump to have enough airtime to do it.  I guess that’s why no one else does it.

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