It’s that time again! Neff has placed letters from the alphabet in random styles and colors hidden within neffheadwear.com. Uncover the 20 hidden letters and then unscramble those letters to piece together a phrase that is five words long.  Email your answers to winner@neffheadwear.com. Each person who sends over the correct phrase will receive a special gift and three random people will receive a gift box! Happy hunting! HINT: 62336


Soundset brings Midwest Hip Hop and beyond to the masses. Sold out for the first year since it’s inception. The 30,000 plus in attendance were treated to a full palette of performances from local legends to pent-up prior to the show Wiz. There weren’t 2 Chains who could hold back this joyous celebration of youth, diversity, and talent. With a perch on top of the 4 ft mini in the center of it all, it was a wonder to take in such a heavy day of skating and music. Neff Headwear in conjunction with Familia Skateshop hosted the Soundset Showdown where heavy action was reward with cash and the crowds were showered with shades, stickers, and gear. The session ended with a back to back monster ollies off the start bank, over a railing, to a 4 x 8 sheet of ply wood which left the large crowd throughly entertained. After a storm of a product toss dowsed the crowd to cool them off for witnessing the heated session. This one was for the books before the day even started and after well if you missed it you’ll have to wait until next year to know. – Peter H.



Neff Snowboarding Team rider Louie vito recently finished an ad campaign for Oberto Beff Jerky. Louie’s signature Neff Gloves make a nice cameo throughout the commercial. Enjoy!


Click here to check out the Neff Snow crew shredding Mount Hood.


What do you have going on tonight? You should be at The Roxy listening to the sounds of Neff family Cisco Adler! Cisco’s bringing along felllow Bananabeat Records artist Tayyib Ali and others for what is sure to be a great show. So if you’re looking for good vibes and good music tonight, head over to The Roxy Theatre at 9009 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069. Doors open at 8pm. As a bonus Cisco and Neff are giving the first 25 people in line FREE Neff beanies! Get there early so you don’t miss out on great music and a FREE beanie.

Now click here to check out the recap of the Breathe Carolina show.


Congrats to Neff Surf team rider Kolohe Andino on his first ASP World Tour final. Kolohe was on a mission throughout the whole event, taking down Kelly Slater in the semi final. He was going mental on the rippable waves of Rio De Janeiro.

Jordy Smith also looked at the top of his game, until Round 5 where he went down to Michel Bourez, who went on to win the event. Be sure to watch Kolohe and Jordy at the Fiji Pro, starting June 1st!

Now check out some shredding on another kind of board here.


Neff and Unk have teamed up with the NBA to create a limited run of tee shirts for the 2014 Playoffs. The product line is a mix of Neff’s wild style with the classic logos of the NBA’s top teams. From the Chicago Bulls to the Los Angeles Clippers, Neff has designed a new take on your favorite team.

“As a huge NBA fan, I couldn’t be more excited about designing tee shirts for my favorite NBA teams. Bringing our unique flavor and design to the worlds biggest basketball teams is an honor and I can’t wait to wear them during the playoffs” – Shaun Neff




Worried you missed the last bit of snow? Neff Snow Team rider Tim Humphreys and his buds recently hit up Borreal and climbed aboard the SS Woodward Tahoe for a session. Like Neffland Park City, the Borreal NeffLand also follows a theme. Whereas Park City is all about candy, Borreal is transformed into a pirate paradise complete with swords, cannons and cannonballs. This edit is features some awesome shredding, but also shows how the park was built by hand. Watch Tim hit the rails, and enjoy this last bit of powder before it’s gone!